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Younger Kids BowlingBowling is an activity for kids of all ages starting at three years old. If children are too small to place their fingers in the ball, there are a couple of options for them to bowl. Granny Style Granny style is accomplished by holding the ball with both hands, standing […]
BalanceBalance is one of the most important elements in the game of bowling. If a bowler does not maintain balance they will struggle to hit a target and maintain consistency.
Selecting a Bowling BallProper fit of a bowling ball is very important to skill development. Most beginner bowlers will place their hand in a house ball as it sits on the rack (hand on top of the ball) and then pull the fingers and thumb out all at the same time. If the […]
Bowling SafetyBowling is meant to be a fun activity that you can do with friends and family. This can be achieved by following a few rules of safety for everyone to have a good time. Food and Beverage Everyone likes to enjoy some food and beverage when bowling but spills can […]
Bowling LanesBowling lanes can be made of wood, wood with overlays or synthetic material. All lanes require oil to be applied to a portion of the lane to protect the lane surface from the friction of the bowling ball.
The Bowling StanceThe bowling stance is the foundation to getting started to a successful bowling approach. Taking the time to focus on a consistent setup will develop consistency throughout your approach. Start by being aware of where you line up your feet. A change of two boards on the approach will make […]
Arrow Zone TargetsThe arrow zone is a section on the lane with arrows to aid bowlers in rolling the ball over a specific spot on the lane. They are approximately fifteen feet from the foul line. It is called the arrow zone because they are staggered on the the lane. Many of today’s modern […]
Arc of the SwingIt’s all about YOU The Arc of the Swing occurs when the ball comes down from the top of the back swing to the release point and is finished with the follow through. The full arc of the swing is like the shape of a letter U. The key to the […]