Bowling Safety

Bowling is meant to be a fun activity that you can do with friends and family. This can be achieved by following a few rules of safety for everyone to have a good time.

Food and Beverage

Everyone likes to enjoy some food and beverage when bowling but spills can be a hazard when someone steps in one. Bowling shoes are designed to slide on the bowling approach. When food and beverage gets on the bottom of your shoes, it can become hazardous. To keep everyone safe it is important that you be aware of any spills that occur and notify everyone around you and contact a staff person right away to clean up the spill.

Picking Up a Bowling Ball

Pick up the bowling ball with both hands so they are on the inside and outside of the ball return. This will prevent fingers from getting smashed between two bowling balls while picking up a ball. Never pick up a ball with the fingers and thumb in the ball. This could cause a injury to the hand and may cause the bowler to squeeze the ball while bowling which can lead to bad skills.


Ball Return

The part of the ball return where the ball comes out can be a very dangerous area. We refer to this area as “the shark”.

There is a belt inside that could pull hair or loose clothing or your fingers could get stuck. Always wait off the approach for your ball to return. This is also good lane courtesy so you are not distracting the other players next to you.

Foul Line

The foul line is the black line that separates the bowling approach and the lane. The lanes are applied with oil to protect the surface from friction that is created by the bowling ball.

This oil is very slippery. If a bowler goes beyond the foul line and steps on the oil, they could slip and fall and get hurt. The oil may also get transferred from the bottom of the bowler’s shoes to the bowling approach. This could cause the next bowler to go up and slide on these spots causing them to fall and get hurt.

If a ball gets stuck or pins needs to be removed from the channel, get a trained staff person to fix the problem.

Watch Small Children Carefully

Watch smaller children carefully at the bowling center. There are many hazards including picking up bowling balls that are too heavy, getting to close to the opening of the ball return or going beyond the foul line. If small children are bowling, assist them with carrying the bowling ball. Young children are more likely to trip which could cause serious injury with a bowling ball.

By following these simple rules, your bowling experience will remain fun and enjoyable.