The Bowling Stance

Stance Right Hander

Stance Left Hander

The bowling stance is the foundation to getting started to a successful bowling approach. Taking the time to focus on a consistent setup will develop consistency throughout your approach.

Start by being aware of where you line up your feet. A change of two boards on the approach will make a difference of three boards at the pins when you roll the ball over the same target at the arrows. Always be aware of where you line up with the inside part of your sliding shoe (opposite the ball side) as the reference.

To get setup, choose a starting spot on the approach and set the sliding shoe slightly in front of the ball side shoe. Distribute most of your weight on the non-starting foot (non-ball side for a four step approach, ball side for a five step approach). Distributing your weight on the non-starting foot will ensure you have a consistant start each time.

Flex the knees and lean forward slightly at the waist. This will pre-set the finish position when you release the ball. The ball should be between the bowling shoulder and chin and supported by both hands. Tip the ball slightly into the non-bowling hand to set the correct finger position. The wrist should be straight and the bowling shoulder should be slightly lower than the non-bowling shoulder.

Focus on this process each time you step up to bowl. Eventually you will develop a routine for your setup and it will become automatic. Your setup in the stance is the key to success for your bowling approach.