Younger Kids Bowling

Bowling is an activity for kids of all ages starting at three years old. If children are too small to place their fingers in the ball, there are a couple of options for them to bowl.

Granny Style

Granny style is accomplished by holding the ball with both hands, standing at the foul line with legs spread and rolling the ball between the legs. The ball can also be placed on the floor and then pushed with both hands. For this method, the student should focus on equal pressure with both hands.

Bowling Ramp

Another option for younger kids is to bowl with a ramp. Most bowling centers have handicap ramps that can be used for younger kids. The ramp is placed in the middle of the approach and can be adjusted to line up with the pins for spares. The ramp can be placed in front of the ball return or off to the side for bowlers that do not use the ramp.

Ball Placement

For best results when using the granny style or the bowling ramp, position the ball so it rolls between the fingers and thumb. This especially true for light weight bowling balls. When the fingers are drilled, it creates an imbalance in the ball and can cause the ball to one direction or the other. Positioning the ball so it rolls with finger holes on one side and thumb hole on the other will balance the ball.


Younger keeps require more supervision for safety. Watch them to make sure they don’t get fingers smashed between bowling balls, keep them away from the opening of the ball return and don’t let them go beyond the foul line. For more on safety, see the article on safety.